In the words of the Pussycat Dolls…

Be careful what you wish for, cos you must might get it!

So I’ve had my first “set-back.”  I just got a note from my Habitat for Humanity leader that my trip might get canceled because we don’t have high enough participation 😦  We’ll know next week, but he wanted to let me know before I leave the US.

I’m bummed out about this.  I was excited to volunteer and help.  I was excited to see Fiji.  It also was a source of comfort that another leg of my trip had some structure to it.  Combine this with the general sense of panic that I always get at the 11th hour (WHAT IF I CAN’T DO THIS?! WHAT IF I MADE A MISTAKE?! – thought by me before anything I do outside of my comfort zone.)  I’m a little stressed out.

Don’t worry, I do appreciate the sense of humor/irony/Pussycat dolls reference in that – I said last post that I wanted to be more flexible! Haha.  It reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend Anne years ago.  I was desperate to find a job in teaching.  I asked her to pray for me to have more patience in this waiting game.  She wondered if when we pray for patience, we just get more things to test our ability to be patient.  It’s stuck with me… thanks Anne 🙂 haha  But anyway, I wanted to be more flexible… now I have it, and it’s making me a bit anxious.

But, on the flip side, now I have a month to get from Koh Phangan to Tokyo!!  I have way more options to can go to Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Bali and New Zealand!  Good thing I have a long flight and a month of yoga reflection to decide!

But um, on that note… at this time tomorrow I’ll be in the AIR!!  ON MY WAY!!  It’s the final countdown!

I’ve only heard good things about Angkor Wat.  I think that’s on the new list…

angkor wat

One thought on “In the words of the Pussycat Dolls…

  1. Trisha Witt

    We’re very happy for you and all of your exciting itineraries. The countries you plan to visit would be a dream come true for any travel bugs bucket list. Soak it all up girl and know that we will be following your adventure every step of the way. Be safe and make those memories.
    Trisha & Jeff

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